Aaron grew up in the midst of many obstacles in his personal life. In spite of health problems and struggles in his self-esteem, he has overcome all odds and established himself as a motivational trainer and speaker to many organizations. He has a strong passion to train and develop individuals in leadership & financial matters. His experience as an entrepreneur and business owner has helped him to learn many life skills, leadership, communication, sales, public speaking and many other valuable skills to help individuals succeed in their chosen domain.

Aaron’s first business was a home appliance rental company when he was still in university. It was when he learnt the first lessons of business and entrepreneurship. After graduating with Honors in Business Studies, Aaron sold his business and started a financial services practice. In a year, he built up from scratch a sizable clientele and over 5 years, helped over 200 families craft out financial plans and managed their investment portfolios. In the downturn of 2008, he managed to preserve his clients’ wealth with minimal losses as compared to the average investor in the stock markets. He then moved on to training other financial advisors, and started a training company on personal finance, investing and entrepreneurship. He is currently actively training on leadership, DISC profiling, communication, team building, family life education and other motivational seminars.

Aaron’s life story has inspired thousands of people to overcome all odds and reach for their dreams. Aaron has been interviewed on the Straits Times, Lianhe Zaobao, Lianhe Wanbao, Channel 8 Frontline, radio station 100.3, and many other media platforms, on his life story.

Aaron is married and has 3 beautiful daughters. He enjoys running, singing and spending time with his family and good friends.