FAQ To Virtual Classroom for CFP® Certification Program Due to COVID-19

FAQ To Virtual Classroom for CFP® Certification Program Due to COVID-19

Due to Covid-19 situation, we have moved ALL our courses from face-to-face mode to virtual learning mode. Please see the FAQ below to learn more about virtual learning:

Q) What is “Virtual Learning”?

“Virtual Learning” is a learning mode where you learn over a “virtual environment”. You will still attend classes just as per usual, except it is “virtual” – you attend classes online at our virtual classroom.

Q) How is virtual learning different from face-to-face lessons in a class?

In virtual learning, the lecturer will deliver lessons online in real time to you, supported by virtual classroom teaching aids such as slides, whiteboard to write on slides (annotate) or a blank canvas (whiteboard), project video, share screen, websites. etc. The main difference is that instead of sitting down in a classroom, you are learning from your home or office, receiving the lesson via the internet.

Q) Is virtual learning effective?

This is really very dependent on the individual. Some people prefer virtual learning over classroom and vice versa. Basically, it will take some time to get used to it, since there are many factors that can affect your learning experience such as disruptions to internet connectivity and distractions at home, etc. However, in such a situation where are fighting COVID-19, the best way is to keep a physical distance and separation to avoid catching or spreading the disease. Yet we do not want the crisis to cripple our normal daily activities. Virtual learning is the most effective now to help us stay safe and to keep a momentum going.

Q) How is “virtual class” different from “e-learning”?

Virtual class comprises live classroom learning environment facilitated by a lecturer. E-learning is self-directed, whereby you log in to our LMS and learn at your own pace and time. At FP, we adopt a blended-learning strategy to give you the best learning experience. You will find that our all CFP courses comes with e-learning content where you are strongly encouraged to review BEFORE attending our virtual classes. However, e-learning content DO NOT COUNT for attendance for the purpose of SSG funding. You are strongly reminded not to miss any scheduled virtual classes.

Q) Since lessons are now on virtual classroom, will there be a revision in price for the upcoming CFP modules?

No. You are not having lesson content or contact hours in a virtual class. You are still expected to attend the same classroom hours virtually just as you will attend actual face-to-face classes. The content delivery will be the same. On the contrary, you will be receiving more study content.

Q) If I decide to go for virtual classes, what other support does FP provide?

FP provides a wide range of learning materials to support your virtual classes. First, you have access to our Learning Management System online, where you can access our supplementary materials, e-learning courses, practice exam and revision videos to prepare you for the exam. We also have video recording of lecturers explaining complex concepts and theory to you. On top of that, virtual classes are also recorded, and you can revisit later. Finally, you can also contact our lecturers who will be more than happy to assist you with your questions or help with the lessons. You can direct your questions to specific lecturers who taught you, or else Ronald, who is our principal lecturer who taught all 6 modules of the CFP and wrote the curriculum can also assist you.

Q) What software are you using for virtual classes? Is it difficult to setup?

We are using a cloud-based webinar software called “livewebinar” for our virtual classes. You do not need to install any software; on the training date, we will email you with a link to access the virtual classroom. You just need to have a stable internet connection on any PC, laptop or mobile device (tablet) Smart phones can be used as well but discouraged because the screen is too small, and if you are going to walk around it could pose a safety hazard. You can watch the virtual class using a headphone and if you like to ask questions, you can use a microphone. That’s all you will need. On your device, you can also answer questions and polls.

Q) What must I do to qualify for SSG Funding?

You will enrol for the course as usual. Our staff will assist and advise you on the funding procedure. You need to ensure the following: 1) You are present for the virtual classroom scheduled as attendance will be taken which is one of the funding criteria (at least 75% attendance), and 2) You must pass the CFP exam. Should you fail the exam, you must pay the funded portion of the course fee to us. We will apply for the funding for you again AFTER you pass the exam.

Q) Can the e-Study Guide, e-PowerJuice and online materials be printed?

No, you are not allowed to print the materials due to copyright reasons. However, you will have access to the study guides even after you complete the course with us, as a source of reference which is regularly updated. Your access to the other materials (e.g. online lessons, practice exam) will expire after the exam. However, if you fail the exam, do write to us to inform us that you are re-taking the exam and we will make the materials available to you at no additional cost. At FP, we are committed to help you pass on the first attempt.

Q) How can I obtain a printed copy of the e-Study Guide and/or e-PowerJuice?

We no longer provide printed materials for students. However, should you desire to have a printed copy, you can order from us at the price of $80 per e-Study Guide or e-PowerJuice.

Q) I still prefer face-to-face class experience, but I want to attend the virtual class now because I want to attain the CFP certification as soon as possible. What can I do?

You can write to us when face-to-face lessons are resumed, and we will allow you to sit in our face-to-face classes free-of-charge, subject to availability. Due to the safe distancing measures in place, we only can have up to 40 learners in class at any one time.

Q) How can I have a hard copy of the FP e-Study Guidebook and e-Power Juice?

A) We no longer provide hard copies to candidates. Instead, they have access to the E-Guides even after they complete the course. If you want a hard copy, you can purchase it for $80 per book. Please note that you will have to self-collect or if you want it delivered to you, there will be an additional cost of $25.

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