FA-CPD Courses

To support Financial Institutions in meeting the training requirements under the FAA-N13, we have developed more than 20 hours of online e-learning content to meet your organisation’s learning needs to fulfil the required annual 6 Core FA-CPD from a series of subjects relevant to the Financial Services Industry in Singapore with localised content:


2) FAA-N06

3) FAA-N03

4) FAA-N19

5) FSG-G04

6) Essentials of the FAA

7) FSG-G02 (contextualised for Roadshows)

8) Practical Applications of Ethical Principles

9) Professional Ethics

10) Curated 6 hours FA-CPD programs for the year

Our corporate rates are priced very competitively to support your operations, starting from as low as $50 per hour of e-learning training BEFORE IBF-FTS Funding. Contact us to get a quotation!

All our FA-CPD e-learning courses are approved by the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF) for FA-CPD training hours accreditation, and attendees may also qualify for the IBF-FTS funding. 

This course is approved by the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF) for FA-CPD training hours accreditation, and attendee may also qualify for the IBF-FTS funding. 

Ethical principles are the foundation of many regulation and compliance standards in the finance industry. Ethics define how standards are met, who supervises them and how they are enforced. In order for financial advisers to understand compliance and come up with plans to support organization-wide compliance, the ethical principles behind existing regulations need to be understood.

Our program aims to help participants discover professional ethics, why it is important to follow them and how they impact decision making. Issues related to professional ethics will also be addressed. Financial advisers and their representatives can also learn the codes of conduct that they have to abide by and understand why they have to uphold certain behaviors and standards.

The program is suited for senior financial advisers, representatives and various team leads that have a direct impact on a client’s funds. The Ethics program equips professionals in the finance industry in ethical and responsible strategizing and decision making.


Who is suitable for this program?

  • Team leads and senior managers of financial advisers
  • CEOs of financial adviser organizations
  • Chief Distribution and Agency officers
  • Company directors of financial adviser organizations
  • Representatives that have been working in the FA field for more than 5 years
  • Senior Agency Managers for insurance agents
  • Bank Branch Managers

Learning Outcome

  • Grasp ethical principles and their impact on decision making
  • Resolve ethical dilemmas using ethical theories
  • Learn the relevant steps to resolving ethical dilemmas
  • Study the basics of professional ethics
  • Explain the components of a code of conduct
  • Appreciate the importance of the code of conduct
  • Understand the need for behaving ethically as a professional
  • Become a better leader by understanding ethical development

Program Facilitators: Mr. Lim Chung Wei and Mr. Ronald Wong

Program Duration:

  • 4-Hours Classroom Training
  • 1-Hour (1-hour, open book online MCQ)

FA-CPD Hours Accreditation:

Upon completion of the program and passing the online assessment, attendee will be awarded the designated FA-CPD (Ethics) hours.

Program Registration:

Contact us to enquire for program schedule and venue.

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