Personal Leadership Excellence (PLE 101)


Personal Leadership Excellence (PLE-101) is the first of a five-module course under Financial Perspectives’ proprietary CREDIBILITYTM Leadership Program designed for Financial Advisers’ Representatives (FARs) and Insurance Agents who want to develop their leadership skills as an aspiring leader and develop their business and attractiveness in recruitment and retention.

The CREDIBILITYTM Leadership Program consists of the following modules:

  • PLE-101: Personal Leadership Excellence
  • PLE-102: Developing Your Team DNA
  • PLE-103: Marketing, Selection & Recruitment
  • PLE-104: Adviser Development & Communicating Performance
  • PLE-105: Holistic Practice Management Development

Many aspiring and new leaders possess a wealth of advisory experience and knowledge as a financial planning practitioner, but the ability to grow and lead a team of FARs and Insurance Agents is often lacking. In PLE-101, attendees will learn about leadership development and team management through a journey of self-discovery and make incremental changes to their personal leadership and learn how to stay motivated and overcome common leadership crisis and challenges.

This 2-day program (14 CPD hours) will be conducted through a series of reflective process, discussions, group presentations, scenario analysis using action learning approach. At the end of the program, attendees will:

    • Understand the four phases of leadership development unique to the financial services industry
    • Understand how leaders learn to lead and develop awareness of their own leadership development journey
    • Design and articulate their own personal leadership brand
    • Understand the functions of a leader and design their own leadership practice
    • Develop positive leadership traits and behaviors of successful leaders
    • Apply transformational leadership to their team management processes
    • Develop resilience and strategies in various leadership crisis and challenging situations
    • Develop their own organizational brand for recruitment and team development

This 2-Day program is delivered through short-structured lectures, case studies and group discussions. Upon completion of this program, you will be awarded with 14 CPD Training Hours and the Certificate of Completion.

Learners who completed this program will also be part of an exclusive alumnus, and gain access to our regular alumni meetings to be informed of the latest developments in the practice. There would also be workshops conducted by various practitioners in related fields.

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