Master Fund Advisor (MFA)


The Master Fund Advisor program aims to equip Financial Advisory Representatives (FARs) like yourself with competency to identify market uncertainties, interpret economic data and apply technical indicators to manage your client’s unit trust portfolios or funds in Investment-Linked policies.

You will be equipped with a framework to understand the markets and answer pertinent questions your clients may have relating to their investment plan and manage their concerns and provide needed assurance about how their investment strategies are aligned to their risk profile, investment objectives and time horizon. These results in the strengthening of trust and credibility towards you as their financial planner.

This course aims to equip you with practical investment competencies that would have taken many years to acquire. The key takeaway of this program includes:

  • Understand business cycles and its impact on investment planning
  • Interpret economic indicators and its implications on a portfolio
  • Interpret data from the Conference Board and Yield Curve and its implications on a portfolio
  • Understand Bull and Bear markets and how to avoid suffering significant drawdowns
  • Learn how to avoid a bear market and maximize profits during a bull market
  • Integrate asset allocation techniques with economic data and market timing
  • Apply asset allocation strategies in the context of selecting unit trust funds
  • Apply flexible allocation, core/satellite allocation and ETF portfolio strategies
  • Learn how to use ETFs to construct a diversified portfolio
  • Understand technical analysis and use indicators to analyse and interpret price data
  • Understand the implications of currency volatility and how to maximize its potential
  • How to use investment-specific “conversational knowledge” and be effective with client engagement.

This 2-day program is delivered through short structured lectures, case studies and group discussions. Upon completion of this program, you will be awarded the “Master Fund Advisor (MFA)” designation, and 18 non-core CPD Training Hours.

Learners who completed this program will also be part of an exclusive alumnus, and gain access to our regular alumni meetings to be informed of the latest developments in the practice. There would also be workshops conducted by various practitioners in related fields.

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