Keyman Protection and Business Continuity Planning – SMEs Masterclass Series

Program Overview:
Through a combination of case studies, discussions and mini lectures, this Masterclass facilitates the understanding of the importance of Keyman risk(s) and business continuity planning to small business owners. Upon completion of this Masterclass, participants will understand how to structure and recommend suitable solutions to protect small businesses
against potential keyman risks. This Masterclass constitutes one of the core modules to attaining the CREDIBILITYTM Business Continuity Specialist Designation.

Participants will gain understanding and competency to structure different Keyman Insurance propositions based on client’s situation and apply the four considerations when structuring keyman policies. At the of the Masterclass, they will be proficient to engage client on business continuity propositions relating to Keyman protection.

4  (including 0.5 hour MCQ Assessment). Upon completion of this program, you will be awarded the Certificate of Completion and 4 non-core CPD Training Hours.

Financial Planning Professionals, Bank Relationship Managers and Insurance Specialists, Insurance Agents

$350 before GST

This program is IBF-FTS recognised and is eligible for funding under the IBF-FTS scheme.