ILP Sales Masterclass

Program Overview:

Elevate your expertise in the Financial Services Industry through our ILP Sales Masterclass. This module integrates case studies, collaborative learning, and concise lectures to equip professionals with the skills to leverage Investment-linked policies (ILPs) effectively for diverse customer financial goals.

Learn to mitigate negative perceptions surrounding ILPs and explore tailored structures, benefiting various profiles from young adults to SME business owners. Discover suitable client segments for ILP recommendations, grasp the dual protection and investment aspects of ILPs, and analyze sub-fund fact sheets adeptly. This masterclass empowers you to skillfully apply ILPs to different client profiles, revolutionizing your ability to meet financial objectives for young adults, young children, and SME business owners.

Participants will gain understanding and competency in applying Investment-linked policies (ILPs) to address different financial goals in a client-centric and holistic manner for different client segments. Participants will gain in-depth understanding of how to structure ILP policies for different client profile to meet different applications ranging from young adults to SME business owners, as well as avoid pitfalls in the structure.

  1. Understand the negative stigma about Investment-linked policies (ILPs) and how to address them.
    • Overview of different types of ILP plans, including “grandfathered” structures
    • Reasons for the negative stigma and how to address them.
    • Understand the benefits of “modern” ILP structures and its benefits.
    • Compare ILP structure against buy-term-invest-the-difference.
  2. Identify suitable client profiles and segments where ILPs are suitable recommendations.
  3. Understand the protection and investment elements of ILP and how to analyse a sub-fund fact sheet.
  4. Understand and apply ILPs to different client profiles:
    • Young adults
    • Young children
    • SME business owners

4  (including 0.5 hour MCQ Assessment). Upon completion of this program, you will be awarded the Certificate of Completion and 4 non-core CPD Training Hours.

Financial Planning Professionals, Bank Relationship Managers and Insurance Specialists, Insurance Agents

$350 before GST

This program is IBF-FTS recognised and is eligible for funding under the IBF-FTS scheme.