FPAS Exam and Student Membership

Examination Format & Duration

  • CFP Certification examinations are currently held remotely by the Financial Planning Association of Singapore (FPAS) three times a year – in March, July and November, or as scheduled at the discretion of the FPAS.
  • CFP Certification examination registrations are administered by the FPAS.
  • Modules 1 through Module 5: 95 MCQ over 3 hours, comprising Section 1 (90 Questions) and Section 2 (5 Questions)
  • Module 6 is a written examination conducted at a designated exam centre. The exam will be conducted over 3.5 hours, where the first 30 minutes is reading time.
  • Candidates must have a desktop or laptop with a webcam to take the remote examination. Candidates are required to test their devices for combability before the actual examination based on the instructions sent to them by FPAS before the exam.
  • Click on the following link for more info:
CFP® certification education program ModulesExam DurationExam Format
Module 1: Foundations in Financial Planning3 hours95 MCQs
Module 2: Risk Management & Insurance Planning3 hours95 MCQs
Module 3: Tax Planning & Estate Planning3 hours95 MCQs
Module 4: Investment Planning3 hours95 MCQs
Module 5: Retirement Planning3 hours95 MCQs
Module 6: Financial Plan Construction & Professional Responsibilities3.5 hoursCase Study

* From Jan 2010, Module 6 exam comprises only of Case Study; the MCQ examination component has been removed.


  1. Effective July 2021, individual EPs have been appointed as the collection agent to register and collect the exam fees (with GST) on behalf of the candidates registering the CFP course and Exam.
      • The course enrolment and study schedule is following FPAS’ registration window and instructions
      • Defer will not be allowed without valid reasons. Should deferment request be denied, the candidate must make payment for the funded portion of the course fee and exam fee according to the claw back provision under the IBF-STS funding requirements.
      • Students who are sitting for online exams are reminded that their behavior is monitored through web-devices and students can be reprimanded if FPAS detects unacceptable behaviors during examinations.
        Issues with the hardware and internet connections are not considered as valid reason for exam deferment as the advance notification for account testing has been given.
      • General Medical Certificate is not accepted by FPAS as a valid supporting document for exam deferment.
  1. FPAS reserves the right to change the examination date. Request for dates, for whatever
    reason (s) other than those indicated on the above will not be entertained. All registered
    candidates will be notified of the examination details at least two weeks before the examination
    via email.
  2. Please note that use of calculators in exam is restricted to the following models only:
    • Casio FC 100
    • Casio FC 100V
    • Casio FC 200
    • Casio FC 200V
    • Hewlett Packard hp 10b
    • Hewlett Packard hp 10b2
    • Hewlett Packard hp 10b2+
    • Hewlett Packard hp 12c
    • Hewlett Packard hp 12c platinum
    • Hewlett Packard hp 17b2+
    • Texas Instrument BA2+
    • Texas Instrument BA2+Professional
    • Sharp EL735
    • Sharp EL733A
    • Sharp EL738
    • Sharp EL738F
  3. Any calculators with programmable features, capacity to store text, graphing capability, or
    printing capability are not acceptable.

FPAS Exam Registration

All matters pertaining to certification matters, exemptions, examination related matters, including Examination and Certification fee payment, are under the purview of FPAS. Financial Perspectives is only collecting the Examination fees on behalf of FPAS.

  • Candidates must register for the examination before the registration window closes. Please refer to FPAS’s website for the exam and registration schedule.
  • To take the exam, candidates must meet the “Education” requirement by enrolling in the AFPCM/ AWPCM/ CFP® Certification Education Program with an FPAS-approved Education Provider.
  • Course fees paid to Financial Perspectives does not include Certification fees.
  • FP will be collecting the CFP Modular Examination fee on behalf of FPAS from July 2021 onwards, which is eligible for IBF-STS funding.
  • Course fees paid to Financial Perspectives are subject to our enrolment terms and conditions provided to you during course enrolment.
  • Information pertaining to all FPAS matters are correct at time of publication and will deem to stand until official notice/updates is provided by FPAS to FP in writing.

Payment Mode for Course Fee to Financial Perspectives Pte Ltd

Payment can be made by:

  • Internet Bank Transfer via PayNow UEN: 199604795C
  • Internet Bank Transfer to our OCBC Bank A/C No.: 501438352001
  • We no longer accept cash and cheque as a mode of payment.