26 March 2020 – Tightened Measures About Upcoming Classes in View of COVID-19

REF: FP-NOTICE-26032020

Dear students

With reference to the latest measures from MOH as of 24 March 2020, we have been informed via email by SSG that classes can continue, but should put in place measures to reduce close physical contact amongst learners by ensuring the safe distancing requirement of at least one-metre apart during the conduct of training. Class size will also be limited to not more than 40 learners.

We will continue all other measures on temperature taking, travel declaration, contact tracing records, etc, as required. We have also double our room booking to ensure we can all be spaced out adequately.

Rest assured that at FP, regardless of the courses you are taking with us, we will always place your safety and health above all things. Since January, we have updated our COVID-19 response measures according to the requirements and guidelines provided by the authorities, and we will continue doing so.

In the worst-case scenario, we will continue to support your learning via e-learning and webinar sessions. Here at FP, we have a Crisis Management Protocol (CMP) in place. Should the situation worsen, under the requirement of the authorities, where schools are ordered to close and you cannot attend tutorials, we have CMP measures already put in place to conduct “Live Webinars” remotely to conduct classes, supported by e-learning lessons and videos to complement your study. You can also attend face-to-face classes in future after the COVID-19 crisis stabilizes. Most important thing now is that you do not miss your Board Exam scheduled in July and maintain your momentum and focus.

You can most certainly contact me or any of my lecturers for help with any concepts or topics you need help on, and we will personally explain to you in private over email, video or voice chat.  At FP, we are committed to helping you pass your CFP Modules on your first attempt! And to also skill-up your competency through our IBF-accredited CPD courses.

Do not be paralysed by fear. Fight on, stay vigilant and keep yourself healthy. We still need to be there for our clients. Stay safe. Stay Healthy. And most importantly, stay positive and have hope for the better days ahead! We can overcome this crisis together as a Nation, as professionals in the industry within your Organisation and with all of us at FP!

We will update you first-hand of any new developments and thank you for your kind understanding.

To your success!

Ronald Wong

Managing Director